We love our global food culture in Britain. We love the people and the stories behind all the history of food & recipes, celebrations and community spirit food culture brings to the table. Food is a joy.

From us, you can bring an organic bottle of wine to the dinner table and share the story of the vineyard and the winemakers, explore the sustainable, eco friendly world of wine making. You need not be a wine expert, and know all your grapes, you are simply having a connection to these people who’s product you have chosen to buy. Share food knowledge & stories with us or family and friends, we can all be better informed of our food heritage and the amazing producers keeping it all alive, whether they are local or further a field.

Dash in, dash back out if you just want a bottle of a local small batch gin, grab a couple of premium tonics and be on your way.  We are never ever over priced or greedy. Nothing we sell is unattainable, or sold in a pretentious way, we make sure our products are accessible to you, that you don’t feel too bad about treating your self to a nice bottle or two.

Food and drink for us at boda home is a daily celebration and we are eternally grateful for the abundance of choice we have on our doorstep. We want to be able to share all that love and excitement with you. The best thing about cooking and eating or food and drink in general, is that you never know everything about it, there’s still always more to learn, new ways to cook something, new produce, new recipes and of course so much to taste.  Come tell us what new ingredient or snack you have had on your adventures out and about, come ask us if you need a little advice on how to cook something or get inspired by us with what to cook, chat to us if you would like a really exciting hamper for a wedding gift or join us on our taster days where you can see for your self if its to your liking, all welcome.

All we ask…is when entering boda home, leave your guilt outside, we are a shop of shared enthusiasm for enjoying life and no one will ever feel bad at boda home.

We look forward to seeing you.