The ‘Beer Den’ at Boda has come to be a bit of a cave of wonders. We’ve watched many a new customer stare wide eyed at the walls of ales, beers and ciders, nestled and glistening from floor to ceiling at the back of the shop. Their joy at the discovery of this malty treasure trove is surpassed only by their excitement when they realise they can also buy from a selection of beers on tap, ready to be pulled, bottled and taken home. Simply buy your 1ltr bottle from us for £2, have it filled with your selection of beer (prices vary) and come back any time for a refill. The easiest recycling you’ll ever do.

Micro breweries have flourished in the north east over the last few years, offering the the kind of taste and variety we could only have dreamed of in our younger days ‘oot on the toon’. We’re thrilled to be suppliers of Cullercoats Brewery’s ales, beers and stouts, and often have their exclusive and limited edition brews on our shelves. They’re in good company with ranges from new breweries like Steam Machine, Northern Alchemy and Three Kings, to the more established North East breweries of Mordue, Tyne Bank, Allendale, Hadrian & Border and Durham.

We love supporting the industries of the region, and there’s a whole world of brilliant flavours out there to add to Will’s ever changing collection. With British breweries stretching from London to Orkney, and brews from Europe to Australia including fruit beers & ciders, along side Jades favourite lager beers, Pilsners. There’s usually something being poured out to try, so if you’re nearby on a Saturday pop in for a taster. Time well spent, we say.