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Anytime Tapas

Who doesn’t love tapas? Id’ be very suspicious of anyone who thought tapas wasn’t a brilliant idea at any time of the year. It’s so simple to take a few minutes and a few ingredients and make something brilliant. Prepare them in advance and you can graze all evening, or make a couple as a starter and warm people up for the main dish, (I can recommend the Fideua from “Ugly but Delicious’ as a crowd pleasing main). A good premium Cava like our organic Albet I Noya petit albet brut, or a cold beer always goes down well to start. I would follow that up with a chilled Rioja Blanco, the organic Genoli is very popular at boda, or a red Tempranillo like our organic Livor Rioja.

Here are some of our favourite tapas recipes, simple and classic. You can find pretty much all of the ingredients at boda, however you may need to head to the allotment for your potatoes…. I’ve named the brands I would choose to use for these recipes, but we have a great range of quality produce in store, so experiment and find the flavours that suit you.

Manchego and Honey

Some may have cheese at the end, but we quite like this simple but delicious tapas to begin with. Eat while the palate is clean and savour all the delicate flavours.

Manchego cheese

Quality clear honey – preferably organic, think of the bees.

Slice Manchego, lay out and drizzle honey over.

Yes, it’s that simple.



Lightly toast your baguette slices. Rub the garlic clove all over one side of each slice, drizzle with olive oil, arrange sliced tomato on top, just enough to cover, it’s only meant to be a light bite. Sprinkle with salt and cracked black pepper then drizzle with more olive oil. (In our house, most weekends, Jade can be found seated on a stool in the kitchen with her bottle of fizz and I have to supply her with many of these…)

Sliced baguette  – fresh from us on a Saturday

Sliced tomato – cherry if you prefer, just make sure they are ripe

1 Garlic clove

Kaltur Olive oil

Rock salt  – Maldon really is the best

Cracked black pepper


White Asparagus

Arrange the white asparagus onto a serving plate, drizzle olive oil over asparagus and a squeeze of lemon, serve with a dollop of allioli on the side. Pour and consume cold beer.

Kalture White Asparagus  – a real quality product and time saver. Just decant from the jar.

Kaltur Olive oil

Fresh lemon



Here are two to ways to serve the powerhouse of tapas, chorizo. Slice chorizo into roughly 1 cm thick slices, heat in a frying pan till sizzling, serve straight from the pan so you can mop up all the good fat that has oozed out. Just before serving you can add a little dash of balsamic vinegar and let it sizzle a little more for another punch of flavour. Or, place slices in a cazuelas (small terracotta tapas dish) and place in oven till sizzling. All you’re doing is heating the chorizo through and letting all the flavours out. You can remove the outer skin of chorizo before slicing if you prefer.

Chorizo sweet or spicy  – we have a good range at boda so it’s worth experimenting.

Balsamic vinegar


Patas bravas

Par boil your potatoes and leave them to cool. Cut them into chunks and lightly fry in some olive oil till golden. Place in an oven proof dish and pour over the salsa brava sauce. Heat in the oven till warmed through and bubbling, then serve. The salsa brava sauce we have in store is from Spain, it’s creamy and very tasty. Tapas is about socialising so I’m all up for shaving some time off the prep with a great product like this one.

Potatoes  – I find any variety will do

Salsa brava sauce


Garbanzos & Morcilla Sausage

And now for the Big Daddy of tapas recipes…. Fry a red chilli in a little olive oil, deseed if you prefer a milder heat. We have a delicious cured Morcilla sausage, a type of Spanish black pudding, in store perfect for this dish, as well as brilliant quality Iberico chorizo. Slice your sausages and add to the chilli, get it sizzling. Drain some chickpeas and add as many or as little as you would like. Take a few roasted peppers, slice and add them to the pan. Heat through, taste, season to your liking and serve.

Chickpeas  – I find our jarred Spanish chickpeas more tender than tinned.

Morcilla & choriza chubb

Pimientos del Piquillo – Roasted red peppers, again jarred, are quick and easy

1 Fresh chopped red chilli

Kaltur Olive Oil

Rock Salt

Cracked black pepper


So, it may not be the traditional Easter feast, but anyone would be happy to share some time together enjoying these simple and satisfying dishes. Eat, drink and celebrate spring. Won’t be long until barbecue season!


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