Christmas Cheese

Cheeses that will be available at boda home, some for a limited time only. Get in quick, whether it’s for you, the Christmas Cheese Board or hampers.

Our cheeses are selected from small independent cheese makers. 

Our love of cheese knows no bounds. We may not be a deli but we can offer an extremely good choice of individual cheeses for you to enjoy. With cheese it really is quality over quantity. Three cheeses of your choice, whether it be one hard, a creamy soft & a blue, it’s up to you.  Three quality cheeses will out shine a fridge full of Christmas cheese offers from supermarkets.  It will only end up drying out and disappointing you.  If you spend on nice wine and Port for Christmas, spend a little more on cheese too.

When delighting guests with your cheese board remember to add grapes, figs, fruit spread for cheeses like Damson or Quince, honey, we have an amazing grape nectar to drizzle over hard cheeses, there’s chutney, pickles and crackers. There is so much to enjoy just let the good quality cheeses stand out, taking centre stage of the table. Everyone loves the moment the cheese comes out. Pull out all the stops!  

This is just an example of what we offer, 

Hard Cheeses:

Snowdonia Cheese Co –

from extra mature Black Bomber, to cheddar’s infused with port & brandy, ginger, pickled onion, we have the full range and these are a must any time of the year.

Northumbrian Smoke House cheddar & blue – the smoked cheddar goes so well with one of our spicy chutneys

Cheshire Appleby

Sussex Charmer


Grandma Singleton

Goat Cheddar


Comte AOC

Aged Gouda   – our grape nectar is perfect with an aged Gouda or Comte


The Blues:

Colsten Bassett Stilton   – our cherry spread goes deliciously well with blue cheeses

Colsten Bassett Shropshire Blue

White Stilton with Apricots

Scottish blues


Spanish blue



Oxford Isis

Bath Soft

St Killian

Brie De meaux  – our lemon zested crackers are ideal for creamy Bries

Camembert Petit


Gres D’alsace




Goat, Ewe and Sheep milk cheeses available too.


We have a great selection of crackers, chutney, fruit spreads and pate. We are happy to help you create a hamper or indulge you for your own enjoyment.

top tip: To stop your cheeses from drying out, whilst waiting to be presented on the cheese board, cover with a clean damp tea towel. This will help with the temperature changes, as cheese doesn’t like being pulled in and out of fridges. When storing in the fridge hard cheeses and Stilton prefer to be wrapped in waxed paper or foil.






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