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Comfort and Care

With the delicious indulgences of the festive season behind us and another couple of winter months stretching out in front, it’s easy to feel a bit bleak at this time of year. There’s nothing wrong with a dry January or a new cooking regime if that’s what makes you feel good, but we wonder if a more ‘reasonable man’ approach is better for our party and winter worn souls, at least until the first green shoots of spring raise their heads.

We agree that fresh foods are regenerating and renewing, but the heart craves comfort when the clouds are hurling sleet at us on our way back from work in the dark. So why not throw your fresh veg into a creamy risotto with a good handful of quality parmesan? A simple bowl of home made minestrone soup drizzled in rich olive oil can be the most welcome and simple supper at the end of a busy day, (and we wholeheartedly condone a chunk of bread and butter and a large glass of organic Running Duck Pinotage to go with that). Hot chocolate is for all of winter not just Christmas!  Let’s treat ourselves to a little bit of comfort and care this winter and head into the new year with spirits, as well as bodies, rejuvenated for the year ahead.



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