Biodynamic wines


We sell organic & bio dynamic, fair trade and no added sulphur wines.  All are vegetarian or vegan friendly.  We are personally working towards a more sustainable, environmentally conscious life and think organic wine is a good place to start!  By supporting our organic and biodynamic wine producers we’re simultaneously helping to save both wildlife and ancient vines and methods.

Though we’re happy to share some information and make recommendations when needed, just trusting your instincts and going with what you enjoy is good for us. The magic of opening a good bottle of wine is a wonderful feeling that never changes!


We’re still excited about the amazing wines and inspiring growers we met at last year’s RAW festival in London. Thanks to people like them our knowledge and collection is growing all the time. Many of our wines come from small domain vineyards and are exclusive to us in the north east. If you want to step off the beaten wine track and try something different, then our range should interest you.

When it comes to something sparkling, we highly recommend our organic Prosecco. Gaining a loyal following, once you try it’s very hard to go back, so you have be warned! For those with an intolerance or the preference, we also stock no added sulphur Prosecco and other sparkling wines, as well as a beautiful champagne or two for when the occasion calls for it.