Happy February

February. It could so easily be the month of drab, the month of dull cold rain, the odd little month of grey. Thank goodness for the splash of colour, fun and all things loving that is Valentine’s day!


I know there are many Valentine’s naysayers out there bemoaning commercialisation, waste, expense and superficiality, but it doesn’t have to be any of those things if we don’t want it to be. Valentine’s day could be a gift in itself, an opportunity to stop in the midst of an otherwise ordinary month and love each other a little bit. Let’s leave all the plastic paraphernalia on the shelf and spend a bit of time together instead. A simple meal, a bottle of something special, some music and a laugh, warms the heart, costs next to nothing and is absolutely priceless.

Let’s take back Valentine’s day and make it our own. Happy February! x

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