Hosting? Festive nibble ideas for you…

Need some nibbles for guests? Enjoying lots of fizz and need a few snacks on the side…here’s some tasty ideas for you to quickly mix up with out having to slave over a hot cooker.

Bread & Crackers

Slice thinly a fresh baguette, spread a little butter and add a thin slice of our French comte, Swiss Gruyere or aged Gouda and drizzle over our very special grape nectar.

Sliced baguette or our walnut and honey crackers with a lovely lump of Colsten Bassett Stilton and a topping of our delicious cherry fruit cheese spread.

Toast slices of a baguette or ciabatta, spread a layer of our Tracklements chilli jam and top with a piece of our moreish Italian salami.

Toasted slices of baguette or ciabatta, add our very hot haberno chilli jam, a slice of Northumbrian Smokehouse cheddar, place under grill till slightly melted.

Try our bruschetta crackers with our olive tapenade, top with sun dried tomato and a slice of Provolone cheese. (Provolone Available here)


Slice 1” chunks of our chorizo, place in a small oven proof dish or one of our terracotta tapas cazuela, splash with a bit of red wine & balsamic or sherry vinegar. Cook med heat for around 8 mins, keep an eye on them. Serve with toothpicks or crusty bread.

Place one of our mini Camembert into the oven, get it oozing and then serve with bread sticks.

Quick & easy

Choose from our selection of olives, pick up  a jar of our jalapeños & feta cheese. Place olives and jalapeños  (or other pickled chillis) into a bowl, add cubed feta. Whisk jalapeño juice from jar, whole grain mustard, lemon juice , olive oil & a splash of cider vinegar, season. Your own measurements, enough to coat everything with a little extra.  Pour all of it over olive & feta mix. Leave to marinate or serve straight away. Needs bread for mopping everything up.

Use our sliced salami, fold each slice, then fold again and place it on a toothpick, add a cube of Gouda or Mozzarella. You can then add a slice of cherry tomato or one of balsamic onions. Once on a tray drizzle with balsamic glaze if you wish.

Or just use cube of cheese & balsamic onion, vavoom the pickle stick hedgehog.

Slow cooker

Choose from our Gordon Rhodes slow cooker gourmet mixes, we suggest the pulled pork. Follow instructions. Basically just need pork. Once done, fill fluffy bread buns. Hand out to guests.

Really easy

Pop down to our deli.

Pick up a platter of meat or cheese. A tub or two of olives, caponata and anything else that’s been lovingly made.

Not forgetting Borek pastries, quiches, stuffed little potatoes, vine leaves….

Always happy to help.





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