World Gin Day

International Gin Day – Daffy’s Gin Cocktail Recipe

Tomorrow is International Gin Day – so if that’s not an excuse to indulge in a tipple then I don’t know what is! Our gin of choice this week is Daffy’s – a gorgeous Scottish spirit that you’re sure to love!

Daffy's Gin

Daffy’s is a premium gin distilled in a good ol’ fashioned copper pot. It’s (not so) secret ingredient is Lebanese mint leaves,  along with other yummy things like: juniper, angelica root, coriander, cassia bark, orris bark, lemon and orange peel.


50ml of Daffy’s Gin

25ml of Lemon Juice (or Lemonade if you prefer a bit of fizz in your drink)

50ml of Raspberry Juice

Mix all the ingredients together in a goblet, and add ice cubes and mint leaves.

PS – Sal here – I’m new here at Boda and I’ll be writing bits and pieces for the blog and our social media. I’ll also be in the shop on Sundays so please pop along and say hello!

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