Organic Wines 2017 at boda home

We continue to find new and exciting organic wines. Our range will always include biodynamic, low and no added sulphur, with many from small domain vineyards producing limited quantities.

Organic wine comes from organic grapes.  Vines that are free from man made toxins, grown with out synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers.

You will never find an over-sulphured organic wine, we do sell low or no added sulphur wines. Most organic wines have had very little sulphur dioxide added to them.  All wines naturally have sulphur dioxide occurring, this happens at the fermentation stage from the yeasts, but it is the smallest amount. More sulphur dioxide can be added and usually is.  Sulphur dioxide is used in wines as a preservative and antioxidant.  Organic wines have a permitted sulphur dioxide level that is lower than conventional wines.  Low sulphur wines are 50% or less than than the maximum allowed dosage for organic.

Everyone is different and reacts different to added sulphur dioxide wines. Many who have bad reactions or allergies can try no added sulphur wines. We are not saying no added sulphur wines taste better or are the best, how ever we have chosen what we believe are exceptional low and no added sulphur wines.  Many of our customers really do prefer them and have commented on the ‘cleaner taste’ or ‘the lack of heady feeling in the morning’.

The most important part of organic wine, are the growers, the winemakers. With out the dedication, the commitment and passion many ancient vines and methods would of been lost. Vineyards would lose their vitality, vibrancy and wild life.  Behind every vine yard is history and stories.  From the passing of knowledge to a younger generation, to the new found love of a beginner relishing in the small few hectares, bringing vines back to life. Organic winemakers truly are an inspiration, they are the bold & the brave producing what we believe to be some of the best wine we have had the pleasure of drinking!

Once you are taken into the world of organic wine making (& drinking) there is no turning back or any alternative.  It’s getting better and better and there is so much more to come.

Like we always say, the magic of opening a bottle of wine never ever stops, it’s a small action but a major part in a happy life, well ours anyway…

Keep an eye out for a our annual big organic wine taster coming in April 2017.


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