Pukka Tea Time

Put the kettle on! We have the full range of Pukka herbal teas. Organic too.

Uplifting, refreshing, revitalising, relaxing, what ever you need to brighten up January.

We have the Green teas, the detox and the chai, plus one of our best sellers Turmeric Gold. Not forgetting the fruity, the minty, the gingers and the cleansing Fennel’s.

Sooth away your Winter blues with a Blackcurrant Beauty or embrace the elements and come home to a Wild Apple and Cinnamon.

Needing to just get on and do stuff, then Peppermint and Licorice will keep you focused. Bring yourself back down and calm the mind with Night Time.

Starting the day, getting through the day, wanting to unwind, aid digestion, in need of soothing, calming down, or just want a nice cuppa, then there’s a Pukka Tea for you!


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