Biodynamic wines

Saturday 26th March Organic Wine Tasting

Organic wine tasting at boda home

Saturday 26th March 12 till 5pm

At boda home we’re working towards a more sustainable life style. If we can do even a little bit extra to take care of our wonderful planet it’s important to try, and for us organic wines are a brilliant place to start. Our encounters with the world of organic wine have revealed a truly open minded, supportive and passionate community that spans across the globe. In the world of organic wine you’ll find there is no wine snobbery, and we’ve been inspired by the growers we’ve met and varieties we’ve tasted. Now, not as experts but as people who enjoy wine, we would like to share some with you.

We’re thrilled to be working with some of the best people in the organic wine trade and have developed one of the largest organic, bio dynamic and no added sulphur wine selections in the North East, including a variety of labels that are exclusive to boda in the region.

Europe is now brimming with organic vineyards, with many well established wineries starting to convert areas to organic only. As a result there are currently a wide selection of wines available that are organic but lack the certification that comes with time. Don’t let that stop you from trying them and supporting the transition, every glass counts! The continent has embraced organic viticulture, putting profits back into preserving and nurturing the land and surrounding environment, and building accountable businesses for the future.

If the world of wine is seeing the true cost of people exploiting the planet for their own gain, then there may just be hope for others to follow. It’s simple, work with nature, take care of the land and we will all be rewarded.


The wine taster is on from 12pm till 5pm, just pop by. It’s a free event and a lovely way to spend your Easter Saturday.

We will be trying wines from across the world and amongst the selection is biodynamic, no added suplhur, Prosecco and a few beers & cheeses.  Plus an amazing Limoncello, perfect for Summer.



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