Spaghetti Love – Isle of Wight Tomatoes

Our love for spaghetti knows no bounds. We love tomatoes. Our most loved dish at home is simply spaghetti with tomato sauce. Korinna makes the most amazing tomato sauce, a recipe of her Nonnas from Corfu. The Greeks do make really, tasty tomato sauces. Rich, full of depth and flavour. 

We stock Garofalo spaghetti and pastas. Good pasta makes such a difference to how your meal tastes. We can’t recommend good quality pasta enough. 

The photo is a fresh tomato sauce Will made with a handful of Isle of Wight tomatoes, (that were just getting a little too soft) olive oil, garlic and seasoning. What a difference in flavour from supermarket tomatoes.

During Summer we stock Isle of Wight tomatoes. A selection of big, small, yellow and heirloom. Nothing really needs to be done to these tomatoes, except sprinkled with a little salt. Glorious!!! 

We celebrate the humble tomato all Summer so come September you will have to wait until the following year! 

You can preorder Korinna’s homemade tomato sauce. If you are having friends over at the weekend, have little time to prepare some food, then just order and pick some up freshly made.

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