Spanish Food & Wine at boda home

Which ever sunny recipes of Spanish delights you are planning, we have a good selection of Spanish ingredients for you to choose from.

We are well stocked with charcuterie meats from Spain. Rarely with out Iberico chorizo or Iberico jamon (ham) in this shop.  We have chorizo, Picante (spice) & Pimento (mild) for cooking and ready to eat. Chubbs of Fuet (a thin dry cured pork sausage from Catalan) and Salchichon (similar to other European salami but more rustic in texture), ideal for meat platters and great with fresh salads and cheeses. Spreadable Sobrasada, a Spanish pate, perfect on a freshly baked baguette.  A versatile & popular choice is our Morcilla (Spanish black pudding) & Iberico Chorizo chubb that’s ready to eat, which you can also add to fried eggs and potatoes or crumble into chickpea stews & meat ragu.

We stock Manchego cheese, try it thinly sliced and drizzle over some of our Spanish honey. Delicious.

Cooking ingredients include smoked and sweet paprika, Nora and Choricero chilli pastes, dried lentils, jars of precooked chick peas, white beans, lentils & broad beans. We highly recommend these, the chick peas are extremely tasty and make a real difference to your choice of recipe.  Sauces & salsa of Allioli, Tapas Brava, Chimichurri, Mojo Picon & Romesco.  Seafood stocks and Paella seasoning, Paella rice, roasted peppers, white asparagus, all kinds of olives, caper berries, sherry vinegar’s, olive oils, tomato frito and pasta including Fideua.

For a sweeter taste we have Churros mix, thick hot chocolate and Spanish biscuits including marzipan figures.

Our Spanish wines are all organic. You can choose from fruity Rioja blanco, great for tapas or Spain’s speciality white grape Verjedo. A white wine with a slightly sweeter taste is our Moscatel.  We also have a couple of No Added Sulphur Spanish whites, including an amazing fizz (Penedes) from Albert i Noya, our cavas are perfect for most Spanish cuisine. The Spanish reds are moreish and our choice includes most of Spain’s wine grapes. Blends of Garnacha, Monastrell & Merlot,  Riojas, and a special Vinahonda, 100% Monastrell grapes.  We also have No Added Sulphur Spanish reds available too.  Not forgetting sherry! Three to choose from.

We also have plenty of tapas dish choice, terracotta and the colourful, Paella pans and glass ware perfect for setting a vibrant Spanish them.

Spring to Summer you can often find Padron Peppers in our chilled section.  Lightly fry in ghee or olive oil, sprinkle with rock salt and have with a cold beer or glass of Cava.

If you have any queries please get in touch we are happy to help you find an ingredient you need or if you would like some tapas ideas then please pop down.

Bring on the sun!

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