Boda Home is not about being the best. We don’t strive to be an award winning number one beer, food or gift store. We do it simply because we believe in our products and find joy in what we do. Everything is always changing in shop world, nothing stays the same. Seasons change, trends come and go, it’s easy to get caught up in the disposable culture or feel isolated by unachievable lifestyle aspirations, but good quality produce & products don’t need be throw-away or expensive and inaccessible.

We’re not a deli, or a gift shop or a homewares store. Boda is a little bit of the good life all in one place. Wanting something tasty, feeling creative and or just want a little indulgence? Come to us. Looking for a selection of quality groceries to get you through the weekend? Come to us. Searching for a meaningful gift or some keep-forever homeware, give us a try. From vine friendly DOC Prosecco and small batch gins, to amazing sausages, Italian pasta and Saturday breads, you can leave us with the most sumptuous of hampers or just a couple of beers.

Not only do we seek out great design and quality, we also champion ethical producers, local products, and people who are just trying to make great stuff in a thoughtful way. Our planet is a vibrant place with amazing people and cultures. Together we can promote this diversity and help other small businesses, charities and producers prosper by buying their brilliant and beautiful stuff!

At Boda Home we firmly believe you can live the good life without sacrificing the earth or spending a fortune. Whatever your reason for coming by (if you need one), we are always happy to help, and if you find anything new and interesting on your travels, do let us know, inquisitive is our middle name.