A Saturday afternoon in the kitchen cooking an old family favourite? Seen a new recipe and want to try it out? Need a sumptuous hamper for a food lover? Craving a chunk of cheese, a glass of wine, bottle of beer or just fancy a little sweet indulgence? Then at boda home we are very happy to accommodate those needs. Especially the cheese…

We love cooking, eating and drinking so we think our little shop reflects that. Lots of ingredients for cooking, what ever your mood, which ever food culture your cloaking your home and kitchen in for that evening. Lazy after noon light lunch with a nice bottle of chilled Chablis, to party time tacos with a Mexican fiesta, we can help.

Just in need of coffee beans for your grinder or have friends coming over and want to put together a quality selection of Spanish charcuterie or a plate of Italian deliciousness of antipasti, come on down.  We pride ourselves on the good life and our love of cheese. From melty Fontina to peppered Percorino, can’t

stop Comte and never enough aged Gouda, not to mention the deeply pungent, creamy French bries, Langres and Epoisses.  Our little fridge is packed with cheesy greatness.

You can stop by to choose a birthday card or pick up a hamper. You can set a beautiful table at home, with our choice of candles, sustainable mango wood boards and terracotta serving dishes. Pour wine in to a hand crafted glass and mix up your favourite G & T in our gin goblets.  We always have something to catch your eye and feed your imagination. 

Not only do we seek out great design and quality, we also champion ethical producers, local products, and people who are just trying to make great stuff in a thoughtful way. Our planet is a vibrant place with amazing people and cultures. Together we can promote this diversity and help other small businesses, charities and producers prosper by buying their brilliant and beautiful stuff!