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Ugly but Delicious

The first in the parade of proudly ugly but absolutely delicious ingredients is…… Ferrer’s Fideua Marinera stock! Fideua (noodle stew) is a well-known fisherman’s dish of fish with noodles that’s fantastically popular in Spain and we seriously love it. Much like a paella but with noodles instead of rice, this Catalan recipe involves making a fish and tomato based stock that is added to the browned noodles ladle by ladle in a kind of risotto making style. Fresh fish and shellfish are added to build a dish that packs some serious flavour punch and is perfect for sharing.

Ferrer’s Fideua Marinera stock is a brilliant time saving product that takes almost all the work out of making fideua. Combining a stock made from the slow-cooked spider crab, brown crab, monkfish and lobster with a home-made fried tomato sauce, and without any added colourings or preservatives, you can achieve an authentic, rich tasting dish in half the time. A trip to the fish quay at North Sheilds, and you can have some of the freshest fish around too.

Now, whats not to love about this homely looking jar? Give it a go, find your own recipe and tweak it until it’s perfect for you. We’d be so happy to hear from you if you do!



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