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Welcome to Will’s Grill, the place to come for recipes, news and reviews, barbecuing, beards and bandanas! Over to Will…..

My love for outdoor cooking probably goes all the way back to when I was very young.  I was taken camping from being a baby and grew up watching my Dad cooking over open fires – not a hugely popular pastime in the north east of the 1970’s –  so it was fascinating to watch, and really exciting when I got to help. These early experiences were a big influence, not only on my true love and enthusiasm for barbecuing, but for all cooking. Of course, as I grew up I realised that outdoor cooking is both ancient and global with a world of ingredients and flavours to discover. From the complex marinades and rubs found in American grilling, to the simple fresh ingredients of the mediterranean, and the rich spices of the middle east, I love them all.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, some of my favourite things to grill are lamb chops on the bone. Marinated in a little oil with chilli & garlic or some thyme, just seasoned with salt & pepper and a squeeze of lime, fantastic. And let’s not forget the humble chicken wing, grilled, baked, or my favourite – and not strictly for  the barbecue – deep fried then tossed in a hot chilli sauce. Barbecuing can be a simple pleasure and a real opportunity to get creative with meat, veggies and herbs. I can’t deny that I have a real love for eating meat and get great pleasure from preparing and cooking it, but I always use quality produce from farms that respect their animals, and it truly does make a difference to the end product.

It’s very much a case of ‘love me, love my barbecues’, as Jade will tell you. five might seem a lot to some, but each one has it’s own special traits that makes it an individual. Add in the paella burner, family sized paella pan (and the pizza oven that is soon to be in my possession) and it’s shaping up to be a good set of kit. At the end of the day there’s nothing like an outdoor cook-up to bring friends & family together, sharing recipes, tips, and of course, eating. Invite people to bring side dishes and salads and everyone can participate and enjoy the feast, and once the cooking ends, sit back by the fire with a beer or two and point out the big dipper star constellation to the kids. The same one my dad showed me.


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